Personalised Sales Contracts

Lionard is a specialist in the luxury real estate market. Our mission consists of responding to the needs of a niche market characterised by an expectant client base who doesn't only look at the material purchase of property but seeks qualitative excellence and personal satisfaction. In order to meet our target market, specific strategies are adopted towards the creation of a high quality tailor made service. This customisation therefore assumes a fundamental role in the operational capacities of Lionard and is made possible due to a high degree of professionalism and the know-how of its staff. This essential interaction with the person selling a luxury property allows us to acquire the necessary information required to satisfy his or her needs. Our working method means we will establish, together with property owners, the guidelines which Lionard will use to promote the sale of the property, by choosing the best means and communication strategies. The owner of a property can decide to publish his home in selected international magazines with whom we collaborate, steer the national or international campaigns to speed up the selling time or even direct the communication towards a specific target. The latter can be achieved, for example, by using our comprehensive mailing lists or exclusive photo-descriptive books which can be directed to a specific market based on stringent predetermined criteria. We offer complete flexibility in formulating a sales strategy which corresponds to the client's needs, guaranteeing utmost flexibility and respecting all kinds of requests, including those for a very private promotion. For this reason, we offer the possibility to publish the property in our reserved access portfolio which is available only to a selected client base that has been registered and carefully vetted.