Dedicated Searches

Are you looking for a luxury property in Italy to make a real estate investment ? Or for a Medieval castle to convert into a tourist accommodation facility? Whatever you're looking for, Lionard Luxury Real Estate is able to fulfill your request thanks to a portfolio composed of thousands of properties with unique historical, architectural, and cultural features. And there is more. Since not all Lionard luxury properties are on its website for privacy reasons, we are able to offer personalised scouting, based on the specific directions of our Italian and international clients.

A bespoke consulting service that can be done “at your home” by Lionard's brokers. The objective? Finding a property that can match the client's requirements as much as possible. After sharing with us your needs and the parameters to follow (kind of estate, size, cost, location), we will start our dedicated and wide search, always in close cooperation with our clients.

The professionalism offered by Lionard Luxury Real Estate is also based on respecting our owners and buyers' privacy and personal data.