Lionard has integrated its activities and strategies with an after-sales service, designed to better correspond with the needs of the market it aims to provide you with a complete service which doesn't stop at the sale, but continues over time. Our professional aims, abilities and attention to the client's needs are all at your disposal, offering increased value to our services designed to enhance and personalise every purchase. Collaborations with important architects and designers as well as companies specialising in structural engineering, high end renovations and property management put us in a position to offer our clients the best professional help available. Of particular importance, we are able to identify and successively coordinate those professionals, tradesmen and companies who are chosen to carry out the maintenance or re-designing of properties, oversee technical studies, landscaping or interior design consultants. In this way Lionard offers its clients all the experience and know how that we have acquired in years of professional activity. We promise to be there for you during the purchase of a property and afterwards when you realise you still need us, we will provide you with the best quality controlled after-sales solutions available.