Internet Presence

We often find ourselves thousands of kilometres away from potential buyers of properties in Italy.

Our company works intensively towards public relations, international partnerships and joint ventures, but at the same time has evolved to communicate in six languages through our own multilingual website. The net has revolutionised communication and has become an indispensable means for companies to diffuse their brands, products and services to an international audience that is otherwise hard to group using traditional means of communication.

La rete ha rivoluzionato il modo di comunicare ed è diventata un veicolo indispensabile per le aziende che intendono diffondere il proprio marchio ed i propri prodotti e servizi usufruendo della possibilità di entrare in contatto con utenti difficilmente raggiungibili con i tradizionali strumenti di comunicazione. was created to present our company and above all to act as the window to our boutique, to show off and disseminate the selected properties we have for sale using impressive attention to detail. The prestigious properties publicised by Lionard are the result of years of hard work evaluating and respecting the high qualitative standards necessary in identifying and offering a range unique of products able to satisfy such a competitive market segment which demands absolute quality and prestige. Our website is an elegant show case from where exclusive and much sought after properties are offered to satisfy personal and different requirements. As with other means of communication used by our company, our institutional website is designed to propagate and diffuse the exclusiveness of our properties and services while at the same time offering many advantages: provide clear and concise information and increased efficiency, reducing time spent evaluating and acquiring properties and offering owners immediate access to our facilities. Our impressive brand recognition is further consolidated through our potential global public using, offering unlimited visibility to properties also thanks to its multilingual website.