Dedicated Photo-descriptive Books

We sell luxury, we deal with tangible products, but we aim to stimulate the emotions too, emotions which emanate from the wonderful properties entrusted to us and from the often jaw dropping locations in which they're found. We often have the arduous task of having to anticipate these emotions to clients who find themselves on the other side of the world planning a visit to Italy, or alternatively to cement them as vivid memories into the minds of departing clients who are returning to busy schedules and professional activities which tend to dominate day to day life and dull the fantastic memories created during our time together.

Many communication strategies are used by Lionard, aimed at promoting the properties we showcase, one of which is the dedicated monographic photo-descritpive books unique to each villa, whose aim is to illustrate and present the property for sale in a thorough and comprehensive quality presentation accompanied by historic and technical notes.

To create these books Lionard uses a team of experts in the field of communications, professional photography and graphic design. With a professionals attention to detail they document and elaborate the photographs and information relating to the property with the aim of creating a specific graphics based product for each property, conceived and produced with extremely high quality and style enclosed in an elegant packaging.

These much desired books represent an original high quality communication strategy bringing properties to the attention of potential buyers while at the same time differentiating them from other potential solutions as well as enhancing their value by thoughtful and elegant representation in order to make the offer concrete and tangible. The capillary distribution of the books is possible thanks to the presence of our partners and our highly selected international client base which contribute to make this instrument an indispensable support in guaranteeing and efficient and complete service so the owner knows their property is being proposed using the absolute best means possible. The exclusive books also offer important advantages to the buyer by giving them a complete and clear photo-descriptive support specific to the property which interests them and helping them choose between any other properties selected. Lastly, they fulfil an ambivalent function in so far as our exclusive photo-descriptive books share our common goal towards both sellers and buyers: to satisfy our clients expectations.