Professional Photographic Services

In order to favour our clients as much as possible, Lionard is able to offer a service which warmly conveys the main features of a property with great accuracy. These are included on our website and a very few selected international showcases with extremely high resolution professional photographs which allow the client to “always carry with him” the property they like wherever they may be. On Lionard's website our special and exclusive monographic photo-descriptive books are available and faithfully enhance and convey the characteristics of a property to the interested party. Our specialised photographers personally work through the interiors of each property we are representing, in order to capture the true exclusivity of each home and its intrinsic value, making sure the warmest light and colour is used but without distorting its natural state. The result of this work is a professional photographic service of the highest quality and a guaranteed highly visible impact which is tailored to attract the attention and admiration of the potential buyer while at the same time communicating a message and above all able to transmit emotions and stimulate the imagination in those viewing them.