In order to start new business relations and strengthen its existing network of international clients and partners, Lionard Luxury Real Estate holds a world tour in the main international financial centres through the year. These planned appointments are the perfect chance to create new professional relations, strengthen the existing ones, make ourselves known and enhance the quality of the services we offer. Thanks to this tour, in fact, Lionard is able to anticipate the sector's main trends, thus deepening its knowledge of the luxury real estate market. Therefore, if you wish to meet a Lionard representative, all you need to do is check the calendar below. All our meetings must be booked in advance, we therefore invite all those interested to contact us some reasonable time before by emailing us at or calling our offices. Lionard is also regularly present in some of the main European cities, including Monte Carlo, Zurich, Geneva, Paris, London. If you wish to meet us in one of these cities, it is possible to book an appointment outside of the planned tour.