Air photos

We often find ourselves managing properties surrounded by many hectares of land which normal photographs may not sufficiently express in all their nobility and splendour. Our company manages a portfolio whose products are represented by prestigious properties, many of which significant and large in their composition, and so need to be portrayed in the most representative and appealing way possible. In order to fulfil this need which traditional means are unable to do, a special approach is used. The professional photographic services are in fact not limited to the classic interior and exterior shots but are instead integrated together with spectacular personalised air photos. With the help of specialised support and instruments we are able to produce extremely high quality air photos and capture extraordinary images which fully represent and homogeneously convey the property in its entirety. The air photos consent the faithful reproduction of the landscape in which these prestigious properties are built while tastefully transmitting its perception. In so doing a realistic outline and very elegant and professional presentation of the property is obtained.