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Sienese villas and farmhouses in Tuscany

03 October 2018

Breathtaking landscapes for a luxurious villa

Siena is a delightful Tuscan city surrounded by rolling green hills rich with spectacular luxury villas. It is considered one of the most beautiful Medieval cities in Italy and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Like many other cities in the region, it has Etruscan origins, Roman and Lombard influences, and today is a rich and lively testimony of the splendor and power of this populations and of its culture. Piazza del Campo, an ancient Roman forum is still the center of the city and it is where the Palio is still held today. The Palio is a traditional horse race that dates back to the 1600s.

It is an unmissable yearly event for the Sienese who cheer for their own “Contrada,” the different quarters of the city. Know for its roots in banking, University life, and for the pharmaceutical industry, Siena is a great example of excellent services, culture, and research. Visiting this city and its surroundings let you experience the roots of a rich tradition made of love for the area, history, gastronomy, wines of international renown, important monuments, and breathtaking landscapes. Other than this, Siena offers a lively day-today- life, made up of cultural events, cinemas, theaters, concerts, and the possibility to participated in a variety of sports, especially those in direct contact with nature.

The vineyards and olive groves of Chianti surround Siena with its large avenues and narrow streets of the Medieval city that is home to Piazza del Campo, the Duomo, Palazzo Pubblico with the Mangia Tower, that offers and enchanting view of the city and its surroundings once you climb its 500 stairs. In this area you can explore little towns such as San Gimignano and Monteriggioni with their large city walls, Montalcino, where the famous Brunello wine is produced, Castiglione della Pescaia, and the wild Maremma.

Many of those who come to Siena as tourists, far from the stress and frenzy of modern day life, have then decided to live or spend part of the year here in one of the many beautiful luxury villas, traditional farmhouses, or rustic and ancient castles that are architectural gems. These properties satisfy the most demanding customers. A beautiful Tuscan villa, your Sienese dream home will offer you the opportunity to enjoy comfort and all that this magnificent region has to offer.

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Sienese villas and farmhouses in Tuscany

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Breathtaking landscapes for a luxurious villa

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