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The unique charm of Lake Como

03 October 2018

Dream homes in a natural haven

Lake Como is internationally renowned for the extraordinary dream houses and villas for sale that adorn its lakeshore, whose owners are famous actors, singers, fashion designers, football champions and wealthy businessmen. It is also even better known for being one of the most enchanting places of the world, inspirational to composers such as Verdi, poets like Lord Byron and novelists such as Stendhal. Wooded mountains dip into the waters of the lake, rich with luxuriant vegetation, that alternate on the lake side manicured parks and private gardens with cypresses, azaleas and palm trees; an explosion of blooming flowers not to be missed during spring season. It is undoubtedly a spectacular scenery, where extraordinary natural beauty is the setting for a great variety of luxury homes, dream houses and historic residences. The lake is the third largest in Italy and the deepest and originates from profound excavations formed by glaciations which determined its Y shape. This is a rich and florid lake basin also full of fish and its bank growing olive trees, lemon trees, rhododendrons and camellias. Among the picturesque boats on the lake waters and the luxury villas nestled along its coastline, the lake also offers entertainment, a relaxing atmosphere and interesting cultural itineraries. The city of Como and lakeside are ideal not only for a tourist trip but also for investing in luxury real estate and make it a permanent residence: here we find a fantastic concentration of dream houses, pure gems imbedded among luxuriant vegetation that are home to many prominent Italian families still today. The luxury properties in this area are spectacular and impressive and testify to the great prestige Lake Como itself has represented in the course of the centuries. It was in fact one of the mandatory stop-offs during the famous 17th century Grand Tour all young European aristocrats were encouraged to experience in order to enrich their education and knowledge, visiting places of historical, landscape, artistic and cultural value. Como is enchanting for all those visiting for the first time and is a favourite destination for intellectuals, aristocrats, and entertainers from all over the world. Como’s historical town centre, rich in monumental buildings, is the most important city of this area and gives its name to the lake. The second most important city is Lecco, famously cited in the novel “The betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni. Other important towns and villages are Cernobbio, rich in distinguished and refined villas, and Bellgio, also known as the “pearl of the lake”. All are small, enchanting retreats, that will fascinate those who want to venture in search for their dream villa, amongst the green hills of Lombardy.

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