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Dream houses in the hills of Chianti

03 October 2018

The breathtaking Tuscan landscape of the Chianti Valley

Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany, between the cities of Florence, Siena, and Arezzo, extends for nearly twenty kilometers and is surrounded by five rivers that define the picturesque valleys adorned with impressive castles, villages, old farmhouses, churches, and luxury Renaissance villas. The term “Chianti,” however, not only identifies this fascinating hilly region, but also the prestigious DOCG wine that is produced according to strict laws that guarantee a high quality standard. The famous Black Rooster that today symbolizes these wines was nothing but the historical emblem of the “Florentine Chianti Military League,” which initially included three municipalities. Today, however, the Chianti includes the territories of the three original towns of the ancient “League” as well as five other locations in Florence and Siena. Only wines produced in these municipalities bear the name “Chianti Classico” and the famous Black Rooster label. The name Chianti probably has Etruscan origins and in fact it was in the Etruscan period when the area began to clear the area in order to develop vineyards. Later, the Romans and the Lombards continued this tradition, while in more recent times, it was with the Medici dynasty of Florence that these territories saw a prosperous and peaceful period during which this major boost to agriculture drastically improved the quality of the earth and subsequently the wine itself. We can proudly say that Chianti is the most widely known and famous wine in the the world, so much so that in the last thirty years, many foreign investors including many British, German, Dutch, and American who fell in love with the beautiful Chianti countryside and its products bought luxurious villas, country houses, and farms in these areas, renamed “Chiantishire,” or the “Chianti County.” Not only dream homes but also medieval castles and impressive fortresses are common on these hills, nestled among rows of vineyards and olive groves, between charming, ancient, and timeless villages. Old houses of the lords of the area were built high up in order to protect and defend against attacks by mercenaries. Each of the eight municipalities of the Chianti house an extraordinary archaeological, historical, and artistic, natural and, of course, food and wine patrimony. The countryside, the undisputed star of these magical cities, is enhanced by silver olive trees and long rows of vines, carefully cared for by famers over the centuries, is the harmonic context in which you can find peace and relaxation, appreciating the colors and scents which change with the passing of the seasons. You will find luxury real estate that frame the long sunny days of the Tuscan hillside, and it is here that you can find your dream home.

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