Villa For Sale on Lake Trasimeno with a dependence

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The burnished hues of autumn that colour the Umbria hills, together with the warm, hospitable atmosphere of the building, are the features that set this luxury property apart.

Only 8 km from the city of Cortona, set amidst windmills and olive presses, the exclusive home includes a master villa of more than 900 m2, plus a 120 m2 dependence used to house the domestic staff, as well as outbuildings for farming that add another 300 m2 of space, plus 15 acres of land, of which 2 ½ acres constitute the grounds of the villa, untouched for centuries, while the rest has been planted with olive trees.

The villa for sale is a typical Umbrian structure, all of whose original features have been fully preserved, with sandstone and earthenware the chief materials not only in the masonry, but also for the flooring and roofing.
Surrounded by olive trees and other centuries-old species, the majestic, imposing structure gives the villa a charming aura of times past, though what makes the property unique is its splendid view of the Lake Trasimeno and the Val di Chiana.
The exclusive home is a three-storey structure, with one floor fully occupied by a pair of attic spaces. The first level, on the other hand, is subdivided into a day area, with a large living room and entryway, an eat-in kitchen and a dining room, plus a night zone that includes three bedrooms and two large bathrooms, while the second level holds a double drawing room that leads directly to the historic grounds and the lake, plus three full-size bedrooms and a spare bathroom. Plans have already been drawn up for the construction of a pool with a panoramic view of the Lake.
Technical Details
Interiors surfece: 1360 m2
Exteriors surface:       6 he
main residence: 940 m2
dependance:  120 m2
farming outbuildings: 300 m2
plus other rooms and technical areas
grounds 6 he
Castiglion del Lago 5 km - Cortona 8 km - Perugia 24 km - Montepulciano 27km - Arezzo 50 km - Montalcino 60 km - Siena 68 km - The Lamborghini Golf Club 11 km - Chiusi-Chianciano spa facilities 27 km - Perugia Airport 21 km - Highway exit: A1 - Foiano della Chiana - 18 km

Ref: 0080
price: € 3.200.000 - $ 3,846,464 - £ 2,853,248

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Umbria Tuoro sul Trasimeno

A marvellous example of medieval art in Umbria, the town of Tuoro sul Trasimeno came into being around 1300 and now stands as one of the most noteworthy and interesting tourist sites in Central Italy, thanks to its wealth of historic monuments, buildings and palazzos, which are sure to satisfy the passion and curiosity of tourists, travellers and residents.

The stupendous, as yet unspoiled countryside, bound to the north by thickly forested woodlands of oaks and holms, offers quiet, relaxing spaces that can be reached on foot or by bicycle. These routes will be a thrill for both history buffs and nature lovers. Especially worthy of note are the Church of Santa Maria Maddalena, with its marvellous works of art, the Church of Sant'Agata, built in the 12th century, the Church of San Salvatore, former domain of the Abbey of Farneta, and the Pieve di Confine, a striking historic building.

This Umbrian burgh is found by exquisitely crystal-clear waters of Lake Trasimeno, perched where it offers views and landscapes of endless beauty, not to mention the majestic splendour of the monuments and noble residences on its streets, such as the Castel Ranieri, an extraordinary example of medieval art, or the Campo Sole, a clearing used as an exposition space for a set of intriguing sandstone constructions, or, finally, the Parish Church of San Michele Arcangelo, which dates back to the 13th century. History tells of a momentous event that occurred in the vicinity of the town of Tuoro:  the Battle of the Trasimeno, which pitted the Roman Army against Hannibal’s Carthaginian and ended with the defeat of the Romans and the death of Consul Caius Flaminius, not to mention the unchecked advance of the Carthaginian Army into Italy.