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Prestigious villa for sale in the typical Mediterranean landscape of Italy, characterized by olive groves, vineyards, cypresses and woods with secular chestnut groves it is located this prestigious villa surrounded by 3000 m2 of garden planted with several plants and a swimming pool.
A villa which stands out amongst luxury homes, with a total surface of 500 m2 and it is built on three levels that are easy to reach thanks to the indoor elevator.
The basement consists in a double garage, two bathrooms, a laundry and other technical locals.
On the ground floor it is possible to take relax in the shadow of the portico and in the garden reachable through the rooms thanks to some French doors.
This floor is occupied by a kitchen, a dining room, a study and a wide living room.
Some stairs lead to the aisle of the first floor that is composed by three bathrooms and four bedrooms that overlook on a wide terrace where it is possible to enjoy the quite overview.

Technical Details Interiors surface: 500 m2
Exteriors surface: 3000 m2
bedrooms: 4
bathrooms: 6
living room 1
kitchen: 1
dining room: 1
plus other rooms and technical areas: 5
swimming pool
parkland: 3000 m2
Treviso km 31 – Venice km 69 – Padova km 49 – Verona km 110 – Trento km 91 – Hotel Thermal baths Belvedere km 58 – Asolo Golf Club km 1 – Venice airport km 58 – Highway exit: exit Vittorio Veneto Nord km 68

Ref: 0168
price: 2,5M to 5M

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Veneto Asolo

Thanks to the favourable location and to the good climate, Asolo became an inhabited centre since prehistoric times and, later on, an important settlement for the citizens of  Veneto. In the Roman ages, Asolo went through a period of high growth: the city, which also became municipium, was developed mainly among the century. a.C. and I sec. D.C. Ancient Christian centre, already in the sixth century. had a bishop and the episcopal remained until 969 when it became a fief of the bishop of Treviso. To alternate between periods XI and XIV century. knew  the hegemony of other powerful families, and finally to Venice.
As of the end of'300 with the Venetian domination, the city entered a period of great splendor: Venice in 1489 involved the Lordship of Asolo Caterina Cornaro, the former Queen of Cyprus, who gave birth to a magnificent Renaissance court of artists, writers and poets, leaving an indelible imprint in the art and in the ideal of the city. Asolo to Venice gave a major urban renewal and attached to himself and his own aristocracy so vital to the fall of the Serenissima. "Asolo is Venice and Venice is Asolo" it says here, to emphasize the atmosphere of an affinity that is manifested in architecture as in spirit. In 1797 there made his entrance Napoleon. During the Austrian domination Asolo was affected by reforms  to the civil institutions and a program of public works, such as the renovation of the theatre Duse. Finally in 1866 it became part of the Kingdom of Italy.