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In the beautiful setting of Lucca this historic villa for sale is an outstanding example of the culture of the old Aristocratic Repubblic of Lucca.
Dating to the second half of the XVI century and successively renovated and restored around the middle of the 17th century by a famous architect of the time, the property represents the maximum expression of architectural style from that time. The impressive facade is unique in its beauty and adds depth and movement to the villa. In addition the contrast in colours and the double staircase with portico really set off the property.
Inside the villa the rooms continue to bring out the Baroque style used at the time, with lots of gold leaf and gargoyles as well as noteworthy frescoes.  The exteriors of the villa are no less beautiful even if only traces of the original features remain, including some fountains and the secular trees still providing shady spots to relax under in the heat of summer. In the 19th century an English garden was created which dominates the exterior aspect of the villa today.
The exotic elements intorduced at that time still confer a romatic theme to the villa, with the pathway through palms and bamboo providing shade to the Baroque cave (from which a small stream flows out and winds around the old stables), not to mention the other 40 or so exotic plants which enrich the garden.
Technical Details Region: Tuscany
Municipality: Lucca
Zone: Lucca
Type: luxury home - villa for sale

Interior surface: 
2112 m2 main villa
700 m2 dépendance
120 m2 annex
2068 m2 stables

Exterior surface: 
41250 m2 garden
1180 m2 orange garden
for a total of 42430 m2

Tuscany - Lucca. Pisa 30 km - Florence 80 km - Lucca 10 km - Forte dei Marmi 45 km - Golf club Vicopelago 12 km - Impianti termali 20 km - Aeroporto Pisa 35 km - Highway exit Lucca Est: 10 km.

Ref: 0435
price: Over 10M

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Tuscany Lucca

The elegant luxury home is located in Tuscany near the city of Lucca, universally acknowledged for its rich history and stunning beauty. Beginning life as a Ligurian settlement according to some historians, it owes its fame to the etruscans according to others. Lucca conserves to this day many of the noteworthy characteristics we associate with it including marvellous historic villas, Roman churches and ampitheatres. Subsequently occupied by the Goths and later the Byzantines, Lucca went on to become one of the most important capitals in the Longobard empire. In the following years many empires rose and fell, but one thing we are sure of is that Lucca was one of the most impressive and rich medieval cities in Italy whose rich history is still visible today.