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This majestic historic villa for sale in Lucca was presumably originally built around the year 1600.
There is no exact information on this property, but between the late 1700’s and the early 1800’s villas in the area of Lucca were of a completely different style and this suggests it was possibly originally a religious building. The current features of this magnificent property and of the majority of its internal decorations are the result of the systematic restorations that were commissioned by a noble family in the early 1900’s. It was between the 30s and the 40s that the villa reached its greatest splendour and was the destination of many personalities of the time such as Mussolini and King Vittorio Emanuele III.
During the 90’s the new owners started the necessary renovations that not only brought back the original beauty of the property but also added extra modern amenities such as an air conditioning system and new technical equipment. 
The main building extends over three floors for an overall floor space of 1200 m2 with ceilings over 4 meters high as was customary in high society. The third floor is a live-in attic. The first floor features an entrance hall, a billiard room, a dining room, a reception hall, a winter garden, a study, a chapel, a kitchen and utility room, larder and laundry  and two guest bathrooms. Refined décor embellishes the ceilings and walls of each room, while the windows are decorated with beautiful stain glass, as the winter garden.
We access the second floor by a principal staircase and a service staircase; here we find four bedrooms, where the master bedroom includes an en-suite bathroom and a walk-in closet.
The second bedroom has an adjacent bathroom while the other two share the same bathroom. Two of the bedrooms are decorated with precious, perfectly restored frescos.
The third floor is a live-inn attic with three bathrooms, a lounge with TV and a kitchenette, a cloak room, a fitness room, and a drawing room. The hole flooring has been restored and finished using mostly original materials.
This splendid villa in Lucca is surrounded by an overall park of six hectares, mostly cultivated olive groves producing extra virgin olive oil of extremely high quality. 
The land originally included two large vineyards which have been replaced by olive groves; this suggest that the cultivation can be reversed to vineyard.
This luxury property, besides the manor house, includes other four buildings: the most important is a 600 m2 farm house, currently used as a depot, that is habitable and can easily accommodate three apartments of 120 m2 each, including storage rooms. The second is a small farm house of 120 m2 , while the third is  80 m2. There is also a lemon tree conservatory of 40 m2.
Technical Details

Region: Tuscany

Municipality: Lucca

Internal surface: 2.040 m2

External surface: 6 hectares

3 floors

Live in attic

7 bedrooms

8 bathrooms

fitness room

drawing room

private chapel

Depot: 600 m2

Farm house1 : 120 m2

farm house 2: 80 m2

Lemon tree conservatory: 40 m2

Olive grove

Tuscany – Lucca: Pisa 30 km - Florence 80 km - Lucca 5 km - Forte dei Marmi 45 km - Vicopelago Golf Club 12 km – Thermal SPA 20 km – Pisa Airport 35 km - Autostrada exit Lucca Est: 10 km.

Ref: 0871
price: 5M to 10M

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Tuscany Lucca

Tuscany Lucca - The elegant luxury home is located in Tuscany near the city of Lucca, universally acknowledged for its rich history and stunning beauty. Beginning life as a Ligurian settlement according to some historians, it owes its fame to the Etruscans according to others. Lucca conserves to this day many of the noteworthy characteristics we associate with it including marvellous historic villas, Roman churches and amphitheatres. Subsequently occupied by the Goths and later the Byzantines, Lucca went on to become one of the most important capitals in the Longboard empire. In the following years many empires rose and fell, but one thing we are sure of is that Lucca was one of the most impressive and rich medieval cities in Italy whose rich history is still visible today.