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Chelini was founded in 1950 and immediately entered the market as a producer of complete made-to-measure decor. Chelini has always put its customers’ needs and desires at the heart of its company mission, handling every stage of the production process: from creating the design, to choosing the materials, to producing and installing the finished decor. In over sixty years of activity, its spirit of customer service is as strong as ever, while its production technologies have evolved along with its artisan expertise: today, Chelini creates furnishings with enormous personality and aesthetic appeal, renowned at the highest levels both in Italy and abroad. Chelini was founded and continues to operate in Vinci, the hometown of Leonardo, in the heart of Tuscany. This medieval village is nestled in a classic Tuscan landscape of superlative vineyards and olive groves, castles and country churches, villas and charming farmhouses. It is a land rich in art and culture, where tradition is wedded to an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit, creating the uniquely Italian brand of genius that is admired all over the world. Every made-to-measure project from Chelini starts out in the form of sketches, which are then translated into working drawings made with the most advanced 3D software, and finally, into photo-realistic renderings that show the client exactly how the furnishings will look. Chelini stands out in its sector, in Italy and abroad, for its ability to offer the client solutions that are complete down to the last detail. The company upholds and carries on the historical tradition of woodworking, combined with constant, ongoing stylistic and technical R&D in all realms of classic and contemporary decor. The elegance and prestige of the most authentic Italian-made furniture is based on outstanding materials, sophisticated finishes and the work of the finest names in Tuscan craftsmanship. For stylish homes and hotels, commercial establishments and workplaces, Chelini brings its experience and skill to every stage of the job: measuring, design, production, all the way to installing the finished decor.

Phone: +39 0571 73211
Via provinciale di Mercatale, 279 50059 Vinci (Firenze)



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