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This prestigious luxury villa, positioned on a hill offering a spectacular view of the city of Florence, is now for sale.
This a historic estate which origins date back to the mid-1300s, and was property of an illustrious Tuscan family for over 400 years. In 1800, when the property was first bought over, many renovations were made to the estate and a large iron sunshade, in the shape of a Chinese umbrella, was positioned on one of the garden’s terraces, overlooking the town of Florence, and has since characterized this splendid period villa.
A romantic parkland surrounds this property for sale were we find lawns, perfectly manicured hedges and a number of exotic plants such as palm trees, bamboo, cedar and ginkgo biloba trees.  
During the early 1900s further works were commissioned in order to widen the view from the main villa, demolishing the Torricella which was then replaced by a loggia, an ideal space for musical concerts; the park was embellished by precious statues of 16th and 18th century influence, made of stone from Vicenza, and were placed in the garden overlooking Florence, as if keeping an eye on the town.
In 1926 the English architect Cecil Pinsent transformed this side of the park into a typical Italian style garden with boxwood rimmed lawns.
Many famous personalities and aristocrats have lodged in this splendid dwelling, Galileo Galilei, amongst others,  who lived here from 1647 to 1631, when he wrote his “Dialogue on the Two Chief World Systems”, and also the famous impressionist Marcellin Desboutin.
This monumental complex for sale includes a manor house, an auditorium with outbuildings, the caretaker’s house and a large parkland. The main building is of irregular shape due to the merging, in the 1900s, of two preexisting edifices. There are three levels above the ground and two underground, one of which accessible from the villa, and the other only through the park. The main entrance is south facing: here we enter the ground floor, connecting to the first floor through a magnificent staircase located in the main body of the building.
The auditorium is of recent construction and is currently used as a conference hall, and is equipped with technical rooms and conveniences.
The caretaker’s house, constructed on three levels, was originally built in the 19th century and is located at the entrance to the monumental park which has also been recently renovated and restored.

Technical Details

Region: Tuscany
Province: Florence

Type: historic villa – luxury villa

Internal surfaces: 3.030 m2
External surfaces: 1,4 he

Manor house: 2.347 m2
Auditorium: 443 m2
Caretaker’s house: 200 m2
Limonaia: 40 m2

Tuscany - Florence: Prato 15 km - Pistoia 30 km - Siena 50 km - Lucca 80 km - Pisa 80 km - Bologna 80 km

Ref: 1089
price: Over 10M

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Tuscany Florence

Florence – Tuscany. Florence , county seat of Tuscany , is a city of eternal charm. It is not only the city of a thousand monuments and of many historic buildings. Florence is home to many period villas, located in the city centre and on the outskirts, on the soft hills surrounding “the birth place of the Renaissance”.
Florence is located in a scenic position, surrounded by the renown Tuscan hills of Cercina, Fiesole, Settignano, Arcetri, Poggio Imperiale and Bellosguardo. This spectacular landscape is famous for its period villas and prestigious residences.
There are many attractions in Florence beyond the monuments and the palazzos: the numerous Piazza (della Signoria, del Duomo, Santa Croce, San Lorenzo)- just to name a few, historic theatres (Pergola, Verdi, Goldoni, Niccolini, Puccini), famuos bridges (the Old Bridge, Santa Trinita, Ponte alle Grazie, Ponte alla Carraia), city walls and gates.
Anyone wanting to purchase a period villa will find what is most suitable for their needs here in the beautiful city of Florence.