Luxury villa for sale on Lago Maggiore

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Within a stone's throw from Lake Maggiore, surrounded by lush green vegetation, stands this luxury villa, now for sale. To reach the property you have to go through a wooded path among tall trees and evergreens. This beautiful villa for sale stands imposing and majestic in the countryside. Check more beautiful villas for sale on Lakes.

The construction of this prestigious property took place in the second half of the nineteenth century, where an eighteenth century building was formerly placed. Belonged over the years to a number of wealthy families, the villa was constantly renovated in order to preserve and keep intact its beauty .

The white facade, a linear and classical style, stands out in the midst of greenery. In front of the facade, a fountain formed by four tanks arranged in terraces, creates spectacular water games during the warmer months, while in winter the water freezes creating special and unique sculptures. In the park you can enjoy the view of many kinds of plants: from ancient trees to vast thickets of bushes and flowers, multicolored blooms, very well kept hedges and paths, from the Japanese maples to palm trees. In the midst of a nature so vivid, stand imposing statues portraying animal and human figures. All this makes the park of this luxury villa for sale, very original and unique, one of a kind.

Having the outside so nice and finished, the same happens for the interior spaces, of unequaled beauty and magnificence. Every detail works wonderfully well with the context in which it is inserted. Everything speaks of luxury and elegance: fine marble floors and crafted floors, decorated walls, antique and valuable furniture, large windows that allow natural warm lighting, as well as an unrivaled view of the park of the luxury villa on Lake Maggiore. On the ground floor we find a large entrance hall, a kitchen, (with a pantry and utility rooms ) a dining room, a living room, a large living room, a study and a bar area. On the first floor, four bedrooms and a suite, each one with its own bathroom, in all their splendor offer breathtaking views of the beautiful surroundings. On the second floor, four other rooms, including the bathrooms, complete the prestigious property for sale in Lake Maggiore.

Technical Details

Region: Piemonte

Area: Lake Maggiore

Type: Luxury villa - luxury villa - Villa Lakes

Internal surface: 1200 mq

External surface: 15000 mq

Kitchen ( with service facilities ) 

Dining room 

Living room 

double living room




8 rooms 1 suite 9 bathrooms 

Service facilities

Ancillary rooms

Piedmont - Lake Maggiore in Verbania 5 km - Novara 50 km - 40 km Como - Lake Como 60 km - 20 km Varese - Biella 50 km.

Ref 0500 

Price €: on Request

Ref: 0500
price: Over 10M

luxury villa

lakes villa
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Piedmont Lake Maggiore, Piedmont

Lakes, Lake Maggiore
Lake Maggiore boasts numerous species of flowers and plants that are usually found in sub-tropical areas, as well as typically Italian plants such as lemons, olive trees and laurel plants and even very unique plants like azaleas, rhododendrons and camellias. All this is due to the mild climate in winter and cool temperatures in summer days.
An ideal climate to say the least, that fits perfectly with a colorful landscape. All this means that such a location is one of the most desired, both nationally and internationally, resulting in increasing demand for luxury villas located in the area.
In recent years many celebrities from all around the world have elected Lake Maggiore as their favorite residence. This created a real economic boom and a great increase of demand for prestige properties in this area, the ideal location, among the rolling hills of Novara.