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Exquisite mansion for sale in Italy built in the XVI century and presents a cubic aspect enriched by a staircase on either side of the entrance which is embellished by four open columns. Located in the Veneto region of Italy its main floor is punctuated by large windows framed by the string-course which delimits the partition between the ground floor and second floor. A plaque underneath the lodge carries the date of 1588 which is attributed to the works According to a document dated 1617 the property was at the centre of a farm and at the time consisted of a tower which served as a dovecot, a courtyard, an allotment, an orchard and stables. The oldest documented graphic representation is a design from 1636 and shows a one sided staircase to the right of the entrance preceded by an Italian garden. The current form of the frontal side of the villa, with a double staircase leading to the lodge of the main floor is most likely different to the initial form which would have been much simpler and without vertical structures.
Passing through its prestigious rooms today is like traveling through time thanks to the rigorous restorative maintenance which takes place on a daily basis. The current appearance is as perfect as it once after its completion. The improvements which lead to the comfortable and liveable present day condition are both widespread and perfectly incorporated into the existing fabric of the construction and fit of any of the best luxury properties in Italy.
The rich garden which surrounds the villa is the result of the restoration in the sixties.
Both the internal and external aspects of this home offer the most outstanding attributes of excellence, from the architecture to the statues, the high quality construction to the furnishings themselves, all perfectly documented by these photographs.
The gardens and lines of trees surrounding the property enrich the atmosphere as do various noteworthy additions such as the marvelous swimming pool, perfectly blended in to the environment so as to be almost invisible. A truly unique and exclusive home and real estate opportunity.
Technical Details Interior surface: 2310 m2
Exterior surface: 4 he

Villa 1.100 m2

Ground floor:
entrance bathrooms
n.2 bedrooms with bath

First floor:
sitting room with frescoes
n.2 drawing rooms frescoes
dining room
guest bathroom

Second floor:
sitting room n.6
bedrooms n.4
bathrooms elevator
Barchessa 430 m2

Ground floor:
sitting room

First floor:
n.3 bedrooms
n.3 bathrooms attic
Annex 780 m2

Ground floor:
sitting room
agricultural machinery

First floor:
n.2 kitchens
n.2 bathrooms
n.3 rooms
italian garden
swimming pool
Ref: 0403
price: € 12.000.000 - $ 14,424,240 - £ 10,699,680

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Veneto Veneto

The region of Veneto has given rise to a plethora of historic villas, the majority of which derive from the most important period in it’s history during the Serenissima Repubblica.
The reason for this is clearly the dominance of the city of Venice and it’s mighty navy which made it into a leading power in the historic world and allowed it to compete with rival states a hundred times its size. Despite this it needed dry land to feed and re-supply a Republic which was growing ever larger and more active.

Literally hundreds of settlements were created to this end in the countryside surrounding the city. To the north the city re-supplied itself with the best timbers for its ships, to the east and south its industry and cultivations.

This villa was built to house a noble family from Venice who, living on dry land, were busy managing the important activities necessary to sustain the needs of the “Republic of the Sea”. The surrounding area is in fact well suited for the extraction of primary materials as well as agricultural practices and animal rearing.

It is also probable that the healthy and wholesome air in the area (which today sees many hospitality structures) lead to many noble Venetian families to choosing it during the fourteen and fifteenth centuries. In this period in fact, many villas were constructed contemporaneously with the increasing glory of the Republic which saw it’s defining moments.