Ancient castle for sale in Pisa

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Built in 1172, this majestic castle for sale near Pisa got its name and its crest from the shape on the hill where it stands, which is similar to an upside-down glass.
Surrounded by a fairy-tale setting, this old castle is accessible by a road winding through Tuscany's most authentic landscapes made of woods and valleys.
The estate's ancient origins are well documented and can be seen in its structure, whose history has crossed the centuries: it was allegedly owned by the Counts “Della Gerardesca”, built at first for defensive purposes and then bought by the Commune in 1198. After Pisa was conquered by Florence, the fortress lost its military function and became a noble residence; until the early 1900s, it was a flourishing and productive farm. 
At the moment, around 110 hectares of land surround the property, and they are divided into wood areas, barley and wheat crops, and olive groves.
The property includes the main estate with its farm, adjoining a church which is owned by the Roman Curia. The whole property is encircled by mighty walls with big entrance doors; in the immediate proximity there are also some farm houses.
The castle for sale has a surface of around 5,000 m2, while its hamlet is around 1,300 m2 wide.
This magnificent property for sale in Pisa has always had a high wine-production tradition, facilitated by the land's fertility, which makes it suitable for investments in grape-wine cultivation and wine production, which are very popular in the current market.

Technical Details
Region: Tuscany
Province: Pisa

Type: castle - farm

Internal surface: 8,340 m2
External surface: 110 hectares

Castle: 5,000 m2
Hamlet: 1,300 m2
Olive groves: 12 hectares
Barley: 3 hectares
Wheat: 9 hectares
Woods: 50 hectares

Pisa 40 km - Florence 50 km - Lucca 35 km - Livorno 46 km - Forte dei Marmi 75 km - Siena 85 km 

Ref: 1453
price: 5M to 10M

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Pisa, one of the most famous cities in Tuscany, owes its fame to the famous Tower that stands in Piazza dei Miracoli, next to the Baptistery and the Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage gem of architecture loved by millions of Italian and foreign visitors.
Sacred place for many foreign tourists visiting the bel Paese, Pisa has also many other places of interest such as Piazza dei Cavalieri, the Lungarnos, the Palazzo dell’Orologio, the Torre della Muda, the medieval town, the ancient city walls, Palazzo dei Medici, and many more.
Near Pisa there are many villages of great historical and artistic interest, they are home to architectural gems and wonderful luxury villas or period estates of immense value and quality. These properties often date back to the Renaissance and the Medici period and are real works of art, where luxury blends with the Tuscan tradition.